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The Partner

"Is there anything I can do? Really?"


Have you ever felt that your part in the birth process is vague? That, when they tell you to be "supportive", you are not quite sure of what that means? And, how are you going to be a good coach if you are scared and worried yourself? 

She is the one who will be in pain. 
She is the one who must breathe and push out that baby. You will of course try to be an active "side-kick", but you cannot take the pain for her. Right?

Right! That is true.

Buuut, if you understand how to be a steady, present and calm "coach" and partner, you will be able to help her handle the pain better and stay focused.

The bonus: Less complications, faster birth, happier baby and happier partner.
That is what research show us.

Midwives and doctors have sometimes asked me if “The Birth Project” is more focused on the partner than the woman giving birth.

They are not wrong.

I will of course teach your woman everything she needs to now about how to handle the pain and keep her focused. But I do put a lot of emphasis and focus on making it crystal clear for you, how to be that steady and calming birth coach.

Because if you do your job, she can do hers better!

I will walk you through exactly what to say and do in challenging situations, exactly. You will have the opportunity to learn how to get her back on track if she panics, what to say when she says she wants to go home (and she will..) and more.

With this easy, step by step toolbox of strategies, you will improve your self-confidence and circumstances for the birth.

The Birth Project Course is for you as much as for the mother.

If you know what to do and how to be, your woman will be able to focus on her part more easily. It will also be a positive injection for your relationship and a better starting point for your parenthood.

You are equally important to me. I am here for her and for you.

Welcome to The Birth Project!

Your birth coach.


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"I felt extremely well prepared after the course!" Kristoffer

"I learnt how to be a good partner and guide my wife best during labour." Arloy

"As her partner, I now feel that I have the tools to support her during labor that I didn't have before." Oscar

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