Privacy and Policy Settings

Effective date: 15th of February, 2024

Privacy Policy
Your information is important to us, as well as keeping it safe. We only ask for the information that is necessary to provide you with our services. The platform we use is Kajabi, where your information, such as your name and email, is stored carefully and not shared with any third party. You can read more about their privacy settings here. We use STRIPE for your payments and they use their own privacy settings. You can read about them here.

Collection and Tracking
We collect and track information such as your name, email and country, through user input and cookies. The purpose is to personalize our communication as well as contribute to website improvement. 

Security Measures
We do not share your information with any third party. We assure users that we have implemented security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access or disclosure. We keep your information on the Kajabi platform and Dropbox where we change key-settings regularly.

Retention Period
We will retain user data as long as you are registered to our newsletters or is an active member. If you have been inactive for more than six months, we will delete your data, apart from the necessary data that we are obliged to keep in our book-keeping for the established necessary retention time, but you can at any time unsubscribe from newsletters or courses.

Updates to the Privacy Policy
The privacy policy may be updated, and in that case you will be notified of any changes.

More information on registration and processing according to GDPR

It is important to us that you can feel confident that we handle your personal data correctly. Therefore, we have compiled here how we handle personal data and what rights you have as a customer.

Therefore, Profylaxgruppen in Sweden AB/The Birth Project processes your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). One of the purposes of the GDPR is to protect individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms, especially their right to the protection of personal data.

The General Data Protection Regulation applies to the processing of personal data. Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. The crucial factor is whether the information, individually or in combination with other information, can be linked to a living person. Personal data may include, for example, name, address, personal identification number, telephone number, email address, photograph, and IP address. Processing of personal data includes all collection and registration of personal data, as well as various types of organization and storage.

How long are the data retained?

Contacts in our customer register are only stored as long as they are relevant, i.e. that you are an active participant or registered for our newsletters. We regularly carry out purging of contacts (every six months).

Purpose of processing personal data

In order to fulfill our mission, we need to collect, process, and disclose personal data about you. We use some cookies and tags to help us serve and reach you in the most effective way.

Profylaxgruppen in Sweden AB/The Birth Project stores your personal data, the specific data varies depending on how the data is obtained and what services you have accessed. Examples of such data are name, email address, mobile number, any search profiles, etc.

Purpose: Administration of newsletter registration
Legal basis: Balancing of interests Processing activity: Storage, matching dispatch via email

Purging period: The data may be retained until you either unsubscribe yourself, or until a maximum of six months after the last activity, completed course, coaching, or webinar.

Purpose: Establishing prospect registers
Purpose: Direct marketing Legal basis: Balancing of interests Processing activity: Storage, matching dispatch via email Purging period: Six months from when the data is collected.

Where do the data come from?

Yourself, for example, when you sign up for a newsletter or course via our website or contact us via email. You can unsubscribe from these at any time. We store your email as long as you are active and for a maximum of six months after your registration if you have been inactive.

In some cases, we share information about you with third parties like Tax authorities

If an authority requests data, we may disclose personal data. An example of this is if the Tax Agency requests documents regarding payments or how we comply with GDPR. In such cases, we are obliged to provide this type of documents.

Information about your rights

The data subject always has the right to object to the use of their personal data for direct marketing. Such objection can be made at any time. If an objection is made to direct marketing, the personal data may no longer be processed for such purposes. You have the right to request an extract of the information about you. You have the right to request correction of any incorrect personal data about you. You have the right to object to the controller's processing of your personal data. In such cases, the controller may only continue to process the data if it can be shown that there are legitimate reasons for processing the data that outweigh the interests and rights of the data subject. Examples of this are when it is required to comply with legal requirements or as a basis for certain types of legal claims.

Under the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to have your data deleted. However, with the exception that Profylaxgruppen in Sweden AB/The Birth Project is obligated by law to retain some data, such as payments for courses, coaching, and webinars.

You can always request that your data be deleted, and the responsible party will then assess whether all or only some of the data can be deleted at present. If you wish to request any of the above, it should be done in writing (for example, via email), with details of name and personal identification number to the data controller - see below. If you believe that someone is processing personal data about you in a way that violates the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you can also file a complaint with the Swedish Data Protection Authority. You can find them on their website:

Read more about our Terms and Conditions here.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, concerns or complaints about this Privacy and Policy Settings, please contact us at Profylaxgruppen in Sweden AB/The Birth Project (556642-5293) with address Arkitektvägen 47, 16832 Bromma, Sweden. Phone +46-8-758 02 100, email: [email protected] and we will respond promptly.