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The Birth Project Course
Transform Fear to Confidence and Focus

Feel yourself relax and your selfconfidence grow with The Birth Project Method.
Enroll in "The Birth Project" course now and let your birth coach, Anna Wilsby Frisk,
guide you to the wellbeing and birth you (both) deserve! 

Short, instructional videos and meditations in four modules:

1. The Birth Process (breathing techniques/exercises, what happens and more)
2. The Role of the Partner (coachning, massage and pain relief strategies)
3. Mental Strategies (diminishing fears, finding your focus and travel plan)
4. The Baby, Birth and Body (welcoming your baby, breastfeeding and more)

Watch one hour per week i.e. or at your own pace.

Live online Q&As with the expert and your birth coach, Anna Wilsby Frisk.

Bonus 1: Coming home with the baby - key strategies for a good start!
Bonus 2: How to take care of your body before, during and after the birth.

The Birth Project Course includes:

  • Step-by-step online lessons 
  • Live online coaching 
  • Strategies for both
  • Meditations and audios 
  • Summaries and checklists
  • Extended course material 
  • 9 months access

Empower your birth experience and become a true team with your own strategies!

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Welcome to the Birth Project!

Buy The Course USD 280
Buy The Course € 280
Buy The Course 2 800 SEK

A Few Steps From Empowering Your Birth

Have you ever felt like the birth might be an impossible ordeal? Are you scared that something might happen to you or the baby? That you wont be able to handle the pain? There is help!

"I can't express enough how great the course was for me. I went from being extremely scared of childbirth in EVERY aspect to almost looking forward to it in less than a couple of hours!" Emma

It is time for you to feel better and to start looking forward to your birth! Sign up for 'The Birth Project' for exclusive early access. 

Anna Wilsby Frisk, your guide and experienced birth coach, will lead the way. Get the tools and inspiration you need to give birth and feel in control with The Birth Project-method.

Ask her your own questions  and meet other parents on her live online "Weekly Boosters".

Do you want to learn more about the course and results? Check our homepage

Sign up right now and let´s get started!

Buy The Course USD 280
Buy The Course € 280
Buy The Course 2 800 SEK