Get a Sneak Peek at the Birth Project Toolbox and Meet Your Online Birth Coach

Sign up for this FREE WEBINAR, live online, hosted by Anna Wilsby Frisk, the expert birth coach and founder of the Birth Project Course. In this 45 minute webinar she will share how the Birth Project can help you prepare for birth, reduce complications and become a true team with your partner.

Monday the 7th of July at 6 PM (Sweden), 5 BST (Britain), 12 PM (US, New York), 9.30 PM (India, Dehli)

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This webinar is live online. You can be active or just listen in. Bring your partner and your questions - this is for the two of you!

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Join Our Free Webinar on the 7th of July

All the tools you need in the same place! Sign up to this FREE WEBINAR before this opportunity expires. Learn about the key strategies that will help make your birth a true birthday.

Time: Monday the 7th of July at 6 PM (Europe, Stockholm), 5 BST (Britain), 12PM (US, New York), 9.30 PM (India, Dehli)

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During this free webinar you will learn... to:

✅  Give birth (yes, and reconnect to that woman within you who knows how)
✅  Keep your focus
✅  Minimize the risk of complications
✅  Become a true team with your  birth partner 

You will, of course, learn how to breathe and handle the different kinds of contractions, move, think and push (as carefully as possible) and how to maintain your energy.

During the free webinar Anna will talk about and give you examples of:

☘️ Myths and misconceptions about birth
☘️ What you can expect from the course
☘️ Real life examples
☘️ Your bonuses!

And of course answer any question you might have!