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"I want your birth to be empowering – for both of you. Not something you barely survive.”

My Background
I longed so much to be a mother, but I was afraid of the birth. Afraid that I would tear. Afraid that something would happen to my baby. Afraid of the pain. Afraid to feel alone.

I needed, wanted, my own tools and strategies. I wanted my partner to be "there". The research and practice I did, became an effective toolbox and the starting point for "The Birth Project Method".

In February 2001 I held my first “Birth Project”-course in Stockholm (then called Annas Profylax - For a Magic Beginning*). My third baby was with me. My third "project".

With a Master from the Stockholm School of Economics, my career switch from management consultant to birth practitioner, was a surprise, not only to my friends but to myself!

Today, more than 20 years later, it feels like the best thing I ever did and I love my life. I love seeing the change, the change from fear and scepticism to relief and even excitement: "I think I can do this!" 

The Birth Project
The fact that so many parents appreciate “The Birth Project”-method and that many clinics, doctors and midwives do so too, makes me feel very proud and happy. 

Several regions in Sweden (Skåne and Halland i.e.) have certified all their midwives in my method for years and years, and in some clinics even some of the doctors (Varberg, Sahlgrenska) – and with amazing results.

Over the years I have had more than 35 instructors working for me, on ten different locations. Today more than 67 000 people have participated in my physical courses and more than 100 000 in my online courses. I have been a doula in more than 350 births.

My second book is being translated to English. The title is, of course, “The Birth Project”. Soon you will find it on Amazon and Audible.

I am so excited to be able to offer “The Birth Project”-method on this platform and I enjoy the weekly boosters immensly, where I get to meet you live online and dive deep into different topics. We are in this together!

Happy Baby, Body and Birth
I have given birth to three children of my own (Klara, Felix and Adam) and I am the "bonus-mother" to Elias. I am forever grateful that my proactive nature led me to do the research I needed and prepare for their births. There were challenges, of course, but I was never afraid, I knew what to do, how to keep my focus and work as a team with my partner.

My goal for you is that you will have the best possible birth, with the best possible outcome and teamwork with your birth partner. Happy baby, happy mother and partner and a minimum of complications - that is what I wish for you. 

There are no guarantees, there never are when it comes to giving birth, but I do know, that if you learn to how to help yourself and work as a team with your birth partner, you will also help your baby and minimize complications. 

The Parent Project
Having a good start will give you a positive starting point for the next chapter – parenthood! I didn't just want to be present when I gave birth to my children - I also wanted to be able to enjoy life with my children afterwards. Many people I knew seemed to have such a hard time and I felt that I wanted some kind of structure, an idea of ​​how I could do, be an think as a parent. Again, what can I do proactively?

The "parenting strategy toolbox" that I created, turned out to work extremely well and today I also work as a parenting coach and lecturer and enjoy contributing to families everyday life. 

Life with children can be tough - but there is help to get! I am convinced that we are meant to feel good with our children, to enjoy life, but sometimes we need some help to understand how. Soon you will find "The Parent Project"-courses here as well, but already now you can book coaching sessions with me if you need some guidance.

I look forward to meeting you and being your loving and, always (i.e. no bullshit) honest guide.

Your truly,

Anna Wilsby Frisk
Birth Coach

*´Profylax´ means preventive and proactive in Swedish, i.e. AnnasProfylax - how you can prevent unnesssary pain and problems before and during birth. If you are Swedish, you will find my web course and physical courses in Stockholm, Sweden, on my Swedish web site,

My Courses and Platforms

Inspiration, tips and tricks  - for a good birth and good start as a parent. 

In The Birth Project as well as in The Parent Project, I focus on what you can do proactively. When you focus on your circle of influence, the birth tends to go better and your children tend to be easier to communicate with. Proactivity is the key!

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