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The Mother

How Can I Feel Calm When Everything is Uncertain?

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was afraid of the pain, that I would panic, break in two and that something would happen to my child. Have you ever felt like that? That every part of giving birth gives you the shivers? That is the reason I am here today. I researched methods and strategies to improve my options and give me a better starting point. 

And my toolbox worked.

Today, after having been a birth coach over 20 years (350 births), birthed three babies of my own, I know there are ways to feel in control and remain present even in the eye of the storm. The toolbox you will get and easy step by step training will show you the way. Your self-confidence will improve and to know, when you do give birth, that you have done what you can for you and your baby, is unbeatable.

I would love to show you the way. I believe in you. If you are afraid I would love to help you feel that this birth project is possible, that you can do this!

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