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The Team

“I want you to be there! A hundred percent. I want to feel that we are giving birth together, as a team.”


My husband looked alarmed. “I promise I will be there – but you are the one who must give birth. I cannot do it for you!”

That first birth I knew what to do, but I felt alone. He was there, but he wasn´t THERE, if you know what I mean.

It wasn´t until we started practicing together before birth that something happened. He now knew what was (approximately) going to happen and what his part was going to be. He became that cool and steady coach that I had dreamed of. The births weren´t without challenges but doing them together became a positive injection into our relationship. We became a team and we both felt proud afterwards.

To become a team before birth will not only help you go through birth in a better way, but it will also give you a better starting point for parenthood, for you and your baby. Moving forward it will be easier to continue to deal with everything that happens together, as a team.

When you are a team, you won’t need to rely as much on outer circumstances, how the doctor or midwife are and so on. It is wonderful when you can extend the team to include them, but, no matter what, you will be in this together.

The Birth Project will give you the format, the exercises and knowledge you need to become a true team. I am excited to start this journey with you! Welcome to the Birth Project!

Your birth coach.


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